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CeramicSpeed BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearings

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CeramicSpeed BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearings stop drivetrain friction

CeramicSpeed bearings for all BB30 cranks and frames. Axle diameter 30mm and bottom bracket diameter 42mm. Also fits PF30 cups where you can replace the original bearing. These bearings are the ones used by Specialized on all S-Works road bikes.

CeramicSpeed bottom brackets offer the lowest friction and best power transfer. By manually assembling each bearing, we are able to check the quality of each bearing and ensure that the fit is 100% correct. This is our way of ensuring that you only get the best.

Spacers are not necessary for this product and the system is super stiff and efficient.

We make you to go faster without using more energy.

Frame fit Axle Width Weight
BB30 - 42mm 30mm (BB30) 68/73-79 40g

Box contains...

- 2 x BB30 bearings 
- Seals 
- Grease 
- Sticker sheet 

Add grease and mount seals before installation

Available in coated and non-coated bearings