Stages Power Meters

Stages cycling has been instrumental in bringing power meters to the masses.  By laminating a small, thin, power meter to the non-drive crank arm, they created a solution that was very easy to install without a lot of compatibility confusion as to bottom brackets, spiders, and installation requirements.  Stages was one of the first manufacturers to include both Ant+ and Bluetooth technologies allowing both cycle computer and smart device compatibility and opening up a wide variety of apps and software to the user.  They brought all this technology to market at a very competitive price point.  Since their inception Stages power meters have become lighter, thinner, more robust, and they have improved the reception with stronger signal strength.  In addition to the Stages Power L Shimano, they added the Power R (for right side or drive side) power meter, which eliminated any clearance issues, and the LR dual sided crank set allows further analysis of left/right pedal stroke.  Stages power meters are forward compatible allowing you to add or upgrade your existing gen 3 unit to become left/right.  Simple, durable, and versatile Stages is leading the way in power meters for all riders.

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