Pumps and Inflation Systems

Bike tire pumps and inflation systems are as varied as the bikes themselves.  Pumps may now be divided into high pressure and high volume for mountain bike and fat bike tires.  Using a high pressure pump for these tires will work, but will take a long time.  Tubeless tires are best inflated using a pump with a "burst" tank which gives a high volume burst of air that seals the tire bead to the rim.

Inflation systems are designed for on the bike transport and emergency inflation and repairs.  They can be as small as an inflator using a CO2 cartridge or a mini-pump that attaches to the frame.  Some inflation systems use a hybrid system that can accommodate a CO2 cartridge but also has a mini-pump.  These are popular in that a CO2 cartridge only gives you one "shot" of pressure; and no second chances. 

We carry a variety of bike floor pumps, mini pumps, frame pumps, and emergency inflation systems. Find the pump below that works best for your bike whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or a different type.

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