Select your bicycle tube for the right diameter of your wheel- 700, 650, 26", 27.5", 29", and the width which is usually indicated in a range such as 23-28mm.  You can locate your tire size and width on the sidewall of your tire.  Tubes are generally made of butyl rubber or latex.  Butyl tubes are an inexpensive option that has been around for years, whereas latex tubes are lighter, reduce friction, and are considered a performance upgrade.  The puncture resistance of a tube is reduced in lightweight tubes as they are usually thinner.  Beyond size you will also need to select valve type (presta or schrader) and valve stem length.  A wheel that has more depth, such as a carbon racing wheel, will need a longer valve stem to be able to protrude from the rim enough to get a pump head on the valve.  For most alloy road wheels a 32mm valve stem is sufficient.  

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