Power Meters

The bicycle power meter is perhaps the most revolutionary training tool ever devised for cycling.  Unlike biometric training data, such as heart rate, power is a pure metric of output not corrupted by rider subjectivity, hydration, fatigue, or recovery.  What is a power meter?  Visualize your bicycle as a generator or power, and it is hooked up to a light bulb.  The faster or harder you pedal (or both) the bulb will become brighter.  Bicycle power (bike watt) meters measure force or torque and convert it into watts; a unit of energy. Wattage can be manipulated through a wide variety of algorithms that can be utilized to demonstrate training efficacy, pacing, left/right discrepancy, and used as a fitting tool to name just a few.  Power gives you instant feedback while you ride as well as a very high level of post ride analysis to track trends, progress, and race data.  But there are a wide variety of power meter designs, as well as devices to pair to them with, and software used for analysis and even entertainment.  Different power meter designs are applicable to rider habits, bike design, level of analysis needed, and of course budgets.      

Many retailers sell bicycle power meters, but at The Sport Factory we have been using and abusing them in every way for over two decades.  We have trained with them, raced with them, coached with them, and taught hundreds of athletes how to utilize the data to improve their performance.  We know what models are the most robust, how they function, and the key factors that will help you make the right purchase. 

If you have a question, simply contact us and we will help you through the purchase process, and make sure you get the best value.