CeramicSpeed BB30 Campy OT Bottom Bracket Bearings

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CeramicSpeed BB30 Campy OT Bottom Bracket Bearings sport factory

BB30 is the standard that changed the game. The 42mm inner diameter shell, either 68 or 73mm wide opened the floodgates on bottom bracket designs. The CeramicSpeed BB30 Over-Torque Bottom Bracket mates a BB30 shell to a Campagnolo Over-Torque crank.

CeramicSpeed bearings come installed. Two choices in terms of bearings. First is our low drag, long life standard bearing, with hardened-steel races and our super round CeramicSpeed Balls. Second is our coated bearing, which uses those same balls installed on coated, hardened-steel races for longer life and less bearing drag.

The Over-Torque thru-axle spindle is 30mm in diameter. 

Bottom brackets have several variables, but within that, CeramicSpeed standard bearings typically have frictional drag of 0.3-0.4 watts per set. That's in the range of a 75% drag reduction compared to standard bottom brackets. That's thanks to balls that are 400% smoother, 128% harder, and 58% lighter than typical steel balls. The bearings last at least three times longer than other bearings.

Coated Bearings see another big bump in performance. The coated races see a 50% drag reduction and an improvement in bearing life of 60%.

Performance can be tuned by changing the grease. All Round Grease comes installed, but can be changed for lower drag TT and Track Grease, or higher durability LongLife Grease, which adds a bit of drag but stays in when riding through messy conditions. 

In The Box

  • 1 bottom bracket with bearings installed
  • 2 dust covers
  • 2 9mm spacers
  • 10ml syringe of CeramicSpeed All Round Grease
  • Sticker sheet