Floor Pumps

Bicycle floor pumps offer the most leverage and air volume to inflate your bicycle tires making them the fastest and easiest solution.  A good floor pump will last many years and may even be rebuildable when it finally does go.  Most floor pumps have a gauge but if you are interested in the most accurate pressure choose one with a digital gauge.  If you have tubeless tires you will need a pump with a "burst tank" that pushes out a large volume blast of air sealing the tubeless tire to the rim.  A metal barrel, steel braided hose, and high quality components are things to consider in a floor pump that will get consistent use.  You may also want a "smart head" that allows you to fill both presta and schrader valves, or a head that allows you to switch from valve type.  This is especially important if you have both kids bikes and adult bikes in your garage.

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