Zipp Tangente Integrated Valve Extender Removable Core

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Zipp Tangente Integrated Valve Extenders Removable Core 1080
These Zipp Valve Extenders work with butyl inner tubes, tubulars and other tires that have removable cores.  This allows you to move the valve to the end of the extender, rather than inside the extender making inflation much easier.
  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Integrated air seal
  • Note that due to the shorter 25 mm length of the Tangente Tubular Valve stem it is recommended to move up one size of valve extender to allow enough extender coming out of the rim
  • Includes the Tangente Valve Wrench Set for proper assembly
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 27 mm (1 g) for 303 model wheels
    • 48 mm (2 g) for 404 models
    • 72 mm (4 g) for 808 models
    • 98mm (5g) for 1080