Tacx Deva Water Bottle Cage

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 Tacx Deva Water Bottle Cage black sport factory

What makes the Deva our best selling cage?  Nothing special, they are just a great looking, light weight, cage that won't eject your bottle- at a great price in a color that matches your bike.  That's it.

The Deva has proven its worth during the cycling classics over cobblestones. Its material and unique cylindrical shape ensure perfect clamping. Since it is produced in many different colors, there is one available for anyone’s bike.

  • Made of polyamide glass fiber and carbon core
  • Very light weight at 29g
  • Bottle cage with optimal clamping, perfect fit with Tacx bottles, especially Shanti
  • Cylindrical shape considerably reduces the chance of the bottle moving
  • Avoid bottle from popping out of the cage, preventing dangerous situations
  • Flexible for ease of use