XLab Delta 200 Rear Water Bottle Cage

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xlab delta 200 rear carrier sport factory
Mounts onto the saddle rails to cut down on aerodynamic drag.
  • DELTA 200 Includes: Cage Mount and GORILLA waterbottle cage
  • NOTE: To ensure the best possible fit with the GORILLA Cage, use a bottle with a uniform groove all the way around and fits tightly into the hook at the top (bottles with short groves like the Camelback Podium, and with grooves that are not uniform around like the Polar Insulated bottles are not recommended for use with this cage)
Delta Series
  • Ideal hydration system for long training rides or Century rides, where an extra bottle is necessary 
  • Strong, sturdy mounting (using Loctite and locknuts, the screws are locked in place for safety and security)
  • Funnel shaped cage allows for easy insertion of bottle
  • Cage grips the bottle with 5-7lbs of tested force to prevent slippage
  • Use as a refill for a front drink system