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Adjusting Your Training Plan for Race Course Challanges

Posted by Matt Russ on 12th Nov 2018

In you really want to be prepared for your next race you must consider the details of the race course. Although this may seem self-evident, athletes will often stick to their usual training rou … read more
Do I Need A Left Right Power Meter

Do I Need A Left Right Power Meter

Posted by Matt Russ on 8th Nov 2018

When it comes to training technology I always advise customers to only purchase what they need and will use.  Data is useless unless applied and this is of course relevant to power meters as well … read more
How The Fittest Survive

How The Fittest Survive

Posted by Matt Russ on 2nd Aug 2018

The survival statistics of people lost in extreme environments are very interesting, and not at all what you would expect. In fact, one of the demographics that has the best survival rate is actuall … read more

What Manufacturers Keep Missing About Power Meters

Posted by Matt Russ on 23rd May 2017

I love my video doorbell.  I won't mention the brand, but you have probably seen it advertised on TV.  What I like most about it is its' simplicity and ease of use out of the box.  I qu … read more