Zipp Plantinum Pro Evo Brake Pads for Carbon Rims

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Zipp Plantinum Pro Evo Brake Pads for Carbon Rims
Safe for use on all carbon braking surfaces, the Zipp platinum pro brake pads offer you safe stopping power without damaging your expensive rims.
  • Created especially for braking on carbon surfaces
  • Has not been approved for use on aluminum braking surfaces
  • Delivers smooth speed control and reliable stopping power in all conditions, wet or dry
  • 10% greater surface area than the previous pad model, for greater max stopping power
  • 1mm thinner for improved clearance with integrated brakes
  • Increased radial height improves pad life and spreads heat over larger "swept area" of the rim for lower peak temperatures
  • Groove design sweeps water off rim for improved wet-weather braking performance; also channels air over rim to improve cooling
  • Uniquely formulated compound manages the extreme temperatures that can result from heavy braking on carbon
Available for SRAM/Shimano or Campy rims