SRAM Eagle XX1 12-Speed Gripshift with Discrete Clamp

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 SRAM Eagle XX1 12-Speed Gripshift with Discrete Clamp black gold sport factory

SRAM invented the gripshift system many years ago, and has constantly improved upon it.  The SRAM Eagle XX1 represents the pinnacle of quality, design, function, and durability of the 12 speed Eagle line. With the XX1 Eagle 12-gripshift Shifter, SRAM introduces the carbon and aluminum design that builds upon its' 11-speed predecessors.  Get the most out of your XX1 Eagle drivetrain.

Shift quickly through those big 12 speed gears; the XX1 Eagle Trigger Shifter comes with a newly designed internal ball bearing shift mechanism that drastically improves responsiveness; smoothing out your shifts. It includes SRAM's Zero Loss technology as well, ensuring you don't experience lag time when you throw the lever heading into a big climb or punching out of a switchback. The improved design boasts better longevity, as well as the customizing capability to upshift up to five gears at a time. SRAM's Matchmaker allows you to integrate cleanly with the rest of your cockpit and keep the shifter, and various suspension and dropper post remotes, arranged in one easy-to-reach place.