Kask Mojito 3 Review

Kask Mojito 3 Review

1st Jul 2020

The Kask Mojito 3 (pronounced Mojito cubed) as the name implies is Kask's third generation of their venerable Mojito helmet.  The newest iteration promises better comfort and cooling.  At a price point of $199 it is their mid-priced helmet but not mid priced by market standards.  It uses their Octofit retention system which is not much different from it's predecessor the Mojito X, as well as a one piece, washable pad, but no additional pads are included for fit purposes, which is surprising since the the Mojito 3 now comes in only 3 sizes, down from 4.  Ventilation is reduced to 17 vents from 26 but ventilation is purported to be improved with bigger vents.  The overall look is a bit clunkier and our sample in a medium came in a 280 grams.  It is not promoted for its' aerodynamics like their Protone or Vallegro.

The big selling point for the original Mojito was the huge spectrum of colors it came in.  You had both black or white base colors combined with iterations such as fuscia, navy blue, aqua and lime to name just a few.  In short if you were looking for that perfect helmet to match your kit the Mojito delivered.  Disappointingly they have moved in the opposite direction with the Mojito 3 with just 6 colors including yellow, orange, gray, white, and two blacks (one matte), and only in solid colors.  If you are looking for a helmet that is unique, flashy, or stylish this is definitely not it.  

We have always liked the overall quality of Kask helmets but the Mojito 3 as a non-MIPS helmet seems to be a pretty mediocre choice at a $199 price point.  It has a lot of solid competition under $200 from Bell, Giro, Abus, and POC to name just a few.  The Mojito 3 is neither disappointing or impressive.  Kask tends to produce their models for longer (years) runs over their competitors which often change at least stylistically each season.  I wonder, if it is still around, how it will compare in a few years as other brand push the envelope of safety, comfort, and style at lower price points.