Bicycle Parts Supply Chain Issues Likely to Persist Through 2022

16th Mar 2022

You may have noticed that the supply chain issue have not been "fixed," likely because there is not one issue but many.  Most recently China is experiencing another major surge in Covid cases and their response is to lock down large areas; and the corresponding economy.  Even if a product is mostly manufactured domestically they may need just one part to complete a product that is manufactured overseas.  Delays in shipping, delays in transportation, delays at the port, delays, delays, delays.  Even if that said manufacturer decides to move the production of that said part in house, it takes time to set up tooling and manufacturing.  

Within the bicycle retail industry we have witnessed the supply chain improving mostly on a case by case basis.  Some brands have been able to react relatively well and get production up to demand, others are pushing out orders into 2023, and still others have over produced and are now trying to move excess inventory.  In short things are far from reaching an equilibrium and the busiest part of the season has yet to begin.  Retailers are doing a lot of hunting among suppliers, and suppliers are bringing in new brands to fill the gaps.  We have seen selection of sizes and colors drastically tapered among many brands- it is easier and faster to produce an existing product in black or white than to bring on a new model or style.  This can create a lot of frustration for consumers, especially if they are attempting to build up a custom bike from a frameset for instance.  The chances of getting all the parts needed for that perfect build can be slim; or require a lot of patience.  If you are a consumer the best advice I can give you is to be flexible, be patient, and be ready to buy when you see what you want; it may not be there tomorrow.