Road Bike Seatposts

Road bike seatposts come in various diameters such as 27.2, 30.0, 31.6 to name a few common ones, as well as various lengths.  Smaller bikes will generally need a shorter seatpost and may use a smaller diameter, but not always.  Seatposts also have a setback.  A zero setback will locate the seat directly over the top of the seatpost and is more conducive to a forward position, whereas a 25mm setback will be located 25mm rearward.  The main difference in road bike seatposts is weight and adjustability.  A lighter seatpost will generally be made from carbon fiber, and will be much more expensive.  A seatpost that is infinitely adjustable is prefered meaning you can dial in the tilt of your bicycle saddle just right.  We sell seatposts from top brands like Profile Design, Zipp, Enve, and more.

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