Profile Design Airstryke ii

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 Profile Design Airstryke ii sport factory

The perfect aerobar for triathletes using their road bike the Airstryke ii pads flip up and out of the way allowing full access to the drop bars.  The latest version features an updated pad/clamp design that allows for far more adjustability and durability, as well as a more comfortable pad.

The Airstryke ii is intended to allow riders to add aerobars to their road, MTB or adventure bike without sacrificing the ability to hold the bars close to the stem. The comfortable grip angle and smoothly curved armrests offer a relaxed position for long days in the saddle.  As one of the most popular models in the history of aerobars it seemed appropriate to update the much loved Airstryke with our new generation fit range and comfort focussed armrests. We didn’t want to change the elements that have made the bar so successful and the changes made just enhance the adjustability and comfort.

This bar has proven to be a great option for riders wanting to add an additional riding position to any style of bike. For triathletes it can help seek more speed by improving aerodynamics. For long distance riders it adds a comfortable extra position that supports the upper body, allowing the rider to focus on pedalling. The flip up bracket allows the rider to still use the tops of the handlebars when not in the aero position.


Bracket: L2 Flip-Up

Armrest: Ergo Moulded Armrest

Reach: 85mm to -17.5mm in 7.5mm steps

Extension Adjustment: 150mm (c of basebar-end)Center Clamp

Diameter: Fits 31.8mm bars

Armrest Width155mm-203mm

Color: Anodized matte black

Weight: 592g