Ortlieb RC Frame Pack - 4L

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Ortlieb RC Frame Pack - 4Liter sport factory

ORTLIEB’s frame bag with roll closure helps you start off your bike packing adventure well-prepared. Thanks to the waterproof roll closure which is closed by three silicone rings, paired with the proven nylon fabric, your luggage inside the bag stays absolutely dry even in the most adverse conditions. The Frame-Pack RC is ideal for storing heavy luggage, such as tools or food, centrally on the bike. This maintains a low center of gravity so that the trail fun remains high even when fully loaded. The roll closure and its large opening allow easy access and easy packing of the bag.

  • Individually positionable, heavy-duty mounting straps with hook and loop fastener hold the bag to the frame
  • Internal hook and loop fasteners reduce bulging
  • Roll closure with silicone ring ensures a tight seal
  • Large opening for easy loading