Fizik Windproof Toe Covers

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Fizik Windproof Toe Covers sport factory

The Fizik Windproof Toe Cover uses water resistant PU-cloth is mated to a more durable waterproof reinforced PU fabric sole to cut the harsh winds and chilly water from ruining your concentration as you train in the dead of winter. There is a microfiber puller to make the removal easier and elastic binding to keep it in place. These will not interfere with your cleats as you ride! Available in three sizes. X-Small-Small (36-40), Medium-Large (41-44), or X-Large-XX-Large (45-48).

Water resistant PU-cloth upper
Mated to waterproof reinforced PU fabric sole
Microfiber puller
Elastic binding to keep in place
Stays out of your cleats way
Available in three sizes: X-Small-Small (36-40), Medium-Large (41-44), or X-Large-XX-Large (45-48)