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Ceramic Speed SRAM 10 Speed Pulley Wheels

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 Ceramic Speed SRAM 10 Speed Pulley Wheels black alloy

So long as your SRAM 9-10 speed rear derailleur is still performing, improve its performance with pulleys that reduce mechanical drag and increase bearing life. You’ll go faster with the same effort. 

Whether you’ve got a SRAM 9- or 10-speed rear derailleur, we have two alternatives. One is our machined aluminum pulleys with our stock CeramicSpeed balls in hardened-steel races; our Standard Bearings. These spin with less drag than anything on the market. The second option is machined titanium pulleys with our Standard Bearings. The third is machined titanium pulleys with our stock CeramicSpeed balls installed in coated hardened-steel races; our Coating Bearings. 

Weights are as follows: aluminum pulleys--22g, titanium--24g.

Machined aluminum  pulleys last a long time. Machined titanium pulleys have a life that’s three times longer.

The Coated Bearings feature races 75% harder than our hardened-steel races. Their lifetime is 60% greater than our Standard Bearings. Coated Bearings also reduce drag by over 50%.

The upper pulley shifts the chain, while the lower takes up chain from the crank. They have different missions, different designs. They are marked so you can tell which goes where.

These pulleys need SRAM pulley spacers installed to work. Save the stock spacers and install with CeramicSpeed.

The kits come with CeramicSpeed oil in a 10ml dropper bottle. The bearings come with oil in them already. The dropper bottle provides you with the means to maintain them.

Compatible with all 9-10 speed SRAM derailleurs.

In the box

  • 2 x 11-tooth pulley wheels
  • CeramicSpeed bearing oil in 10ml dropper bottle
  • Sticker sheet