Abus 770A SmartX U-Lock - 4.2 x 9"

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Abus 770A SmartX U-Lock - 4.2 x 9"

Technology has finally trickled down to the bicycle lock!  The Abus 770A SmartX U-Lock is a bike lock with an alarm that alerts you when your bike is being tampered with and can be locked and unlocked from your smart phone.

Abus's highest security lock with a 100dB intelligent alarm system and Smart technology. Locking/unlocking is executed through smart phone app.

  • 13mm, specially hardened square parabolic shackle
  • SmartX locking system with Bluetooth 3.0-no no key required to operate lock
  • 100dB Intelligent Alarm system, rechargeable via USB-C port
  • Security Rating: 15 of 15