Bicycle Chain Lubes

What is the best bicycle chain lube?  Well a lot of that has to do with the conditions you are riding in and choosing the wrong lube may actually increase friction and wear.  Wet conditions and dirty conditions require a wet lube whereas cleaner and dry conditions a dry.  But there are also lubes and coatings that actually increase your performance by reducing friction even further.  Ceramic chain lubes or coatings actually coat the chain with a friction reducing ceramic compound.  Cleaner lubes are perfect for those cyclists (most) that are not great at regularly cleaning, degreasing, and lubing their changes as warranted.  Cleaner lubes allow you to quickly apply a layer of lube, allow it to penetrate, and then wipe off the excess lube and dirt leaving the chain not only lubricated but cleaner.  Although not as good as a thorough cleaning, a cleaner lube is great for a quick cleaning between full service.

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