Tacx Sweat Set Trainer Sweat Cover for Smartphone and Towel

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Tacx Sweat Set Trainer Sweat Cover for Smartphone towel

Indoor training means plenty of perspiration. This set contains everything you need to protect your bike and keep yourself comfortable while you ride. 

Sweat Cover for Smartphone

This convenient cover protects your bike from sweat while giving you access to your smartphone while you ride. Made from absorbent material and featuring a clear pocket for your phone, it fits most bikes and mounts easily. The pocket is suitable for different phone sizes, with a maximum length of 138 mm and maximum width of 68 mm.

Tacx Towel

Developed specifically for indoor bike training sessions, this towel is used by many professional riders during their warmup and indoor training sessions. It measures 30 x 115 cm and is highly absorbent.