Profile Design Aeroport Di2 Adapter

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Profile Design Aeroport Di2 Adapter sport factory

There is nothing worse than a pile of wires dirtying up your cockpit.  The Profile Design Aeropost RS910 addresses this problem by allowing you to insert your Di2 battery into the end of your extension and internally route the wires.


The Aeroport RS910 adapter fits the BTR2 internal battery and Aeroport RS910 bar end junction into the rear of a set of aluminium series extensions or 35c+ extension.This makes battery placement and cable routing through the frame easier and more secure. As well as avoiding the need for an unsightly mess of cables as typically seen with an EW junction box, or the inconvenience of hiding the junction box in the stem or frame.


The adapter is only compatible with 22.2mm OD aluminium series extensions or a 35c+ carbon extension at this stage, with an ID of 19.4mm

  • It is designed to fit the following Di2 parts: RS910 Junction box, BTR2 Internal battery, SD50 cables

** Di2 parts are not included with the adaptor.

** Note that the adapter will not fit in an aerobar like the Profile Design Aeria Evo as the rear of the extension is not accessible