Zone3 Womens Vanquish Wetsuit Size Medium

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Zone 3 Womens Vanquish Wetsuit

Top Features of the Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit


The Design:

The suit is designed to make sure the shoulder, arms, upper back and lats are absolutely as flexible as possible and then combining this with some of the World's most buoyant materials around the quads, hips and glutes. This is how it's been achieved:
1. Ultra thin one-peice shoulder panel - Maximum flexibility to increase your distance per stroke. This panel is only 1.5mm thick and made with Yamamoto's premium #40 SCS. Ref# 1
2.Extending the area using high stretch fabric maximizes your propulsion
3. Sensory Catch Panel: Aeroforce fabric on the forearms gives an improved feeling and catch in the water. A double layer of high performance, water repellent Lycra fabric is used in the Vanquish.
4. 3mm chest panel is used to further increase flexibility and allow maximum chest expansion, with a 5mm buoyancy panel built in.
5. The hip and core areas are made up from a combination of three different materials, each with a thickness of 5mm which is the maximum allowed under ITU rules. These panels are:
5i: NBR construction side panels designed to work in unison with the buoyancy panel in the chest - commonly used in life jackets.
5ii: Aerodome materials used on the front legs from the hips to the knees to help support the core leg muscles. With air bubbles built between the fabric layers.
39 cell SCS neoprene used on the glutes, again with a 5mm thickness

Other Features

Pro Speed CuffsTM on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after the swim to ensure the quickest transitions, saving you vital time on any course.
V-shape neck design with built in molding which keeps the suit in position at the sides but allows a lower and more comfortable ‘T-shirt’ fit on the front keeping the suit away from the adams-apple.
Upwards breakaway zipper design for even quicker transitions and protection from having your zipper pulled down during a race.
Stylish graphite neoprene on the arms and gold and gunmetal tones for an exclusive look.