Zipp Tangente Course R30 700x30

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 Zipp Tangente Course R28 700x30 bicycle tire

Conventional wisdom on bicycle tires has held that smaller is better. Smaller tires were supposed to be lighter, more aerodynamic and have lower rolling resistance. Then came science. Research has shown that a larger tire has the ability to cut rolling resistance, making you faster than you would be with a traditional 23c-wide racing tire. And of course, a larger tire offers improved grip in dry and wet conditions. In some cases, when using the right rim, a bigger tire also can improve aerodynamics. Let’s not forget that comfort gets a big upgrade as well.

The Zipp Tangente Course R28 and R30 tires give riders a high performance clincher at widths suitable for less than perfect conditions — rough roads, wet roads. The looming disc brake revolution will mean that you can run tires significantly larger than the 25mm limit on many bikes. The Tangente Course R28 and R30 are tires that takes disc brakes’ opportunity for increased tire width and multiplies that with faster rolling, better grip and improved aerodynamics.

Course R28 and R30

  • High performance sport and training tire
  • 28mm (R28) and 30mm (R30) widths
  • 120tpi nylon casing
  • Nylon puncture protection layer under tread
  • 260 grams (R28), 306 grams (R30)
  • 33.15 watts of rolling resistance @ 40kph (with Zipp butyl tube)
  • 70 ShA durometer rubber (Shore A)
  • New water-siping tread pattern
  • Comfortable in rough conditions


Rider WeightFront psi (bar)Rear psi (bar)
<121 lbs
(<55 kg)
70 (4.8.6) 75 (5.2)
121-143 lbs
(55-65 kg)
72 (5) 80 (5.5)
143-165 lbs
(65-75 kg)
80 (5.5) 85 (5.9)
165-187 lbs
(75-85 kg)
85 (5.9) 95 (6.6)
187-209 lbs
(85-95 kg)
90 (6.2) 100 (6.9)
>209 lbs
(>95 kg)
100 (6.9) 100 (6.9)
Triathlon/TT Use Rear Pressure

Normal conditions * 0.9

Not less than min. pressure

Rough Roads

Normal conditions * 0.9

Not less than min. pressure


Minimum 70 4.8
Maximum 100 6.9
Minimum 70 4.8
Maximum 100 6.9

For Maximum Tire Pressure, follow the guidelines of your wheel manufacturer.