What is Custom Coaching?



What is the best training plan? You can find plans in books, websites, borrow a friend’s or join a training group. These all may be satisfactory for completing a race but when it comes to optimizing your individual performance, and breaking new ground, the equation becomes much more complicated. Considerations include…

• What is your biggest limiter(s) that must be addressed specifically? Is it pacing, mental skills, nutrition, economy and form, or peaking properly.

• How do I prepare specifically for my peak race(s)? Peaking is all about timing and it is a very delicate process. Many athletes peak too soon or go into their races over trained. In order to race your best you must consider the course, climate and conditions, altitude, and how you will address these in your own local training environment. We begin by building and annual training plan for each athlete that indicates what and how much training volume will be incorporated at what time. Every race has implications and it is important to choose wisely and to discuss how one race will affect your overall plan and goals. 

• What is the right mix of training volume that will fit into your individual life style?How may work outs per day, or week, will optimize your performance? How many hours per week can your body absorb before breaking down too much? What is the right amount of recovery for you?  These are perhaps the most important questions you must ask yourself and they must be addressed in your training plan.

• What is your injury history? There are a wide variety of ways to mitigate the risk of a recurring injury, and this should be a key consideration in training plan building.  There is nothing more frustrating and debilitating than an injury, and we have an excellent track record of getting our athletes to the finish line uninjured.

• What happens when my week gets shot to ^%#@! Life happens. Kids get sick, work loads get heavy, sleep is lost, and work outs are missed. Your coach can keep you on track for your goal by adjusting your plan and volume so that you hit the most key work outs. Every athlete will miss training but not every athlete will adjust their volume accordingly.  You can not rush fitness or fast forward fitness.

• How am I progressing? With our system there is a constant feedback loop and we can see virtually everything that occurred during a work out or race; and quantify it. This allows us to learn about you, mentor you, and further cultivate your training plan.

• What about race day? Racing should be broken down into a detailed process. Prior to each race we will work on a pre-race plan and after each race will do a recap to make sure we learn from it. Pacing, nutrition, and mental skills are all addressed in our process.

• How do I incorporate technology?  Every athlete must decide what their tolerance is for training technology.  We can help you select devices and equipment that best suits your needs and budget and help you incorporate it into your plan.  From heart rate monitors to power meters our coaches are experts on the latest training technology.

The best training plan is the one created specifically for you. The best training plan is adaptable, flexible, and specific to your needs. The best training plan is administered by a coach that is knowledgeable and passionate about your success.

The Sport Factory has provided this level of coaching for over a decade and we have helped thousands of athletes achieve their goals- from a PR to a World Championship. We understand the level of dedication you put into your endurance sport and are honored to assist you in your pursuit of excellence.