Quarq DFour91 Power Meter Spider Only

Quarq DFour91 Power Meter Spider Only

  • Product Description

    Make the most of your Shimano® Dura-Ace® R9100 groupset by upgrading to Quarq’s DFour91power meter, which embodies all the advances of the next-generation DZero platform. 

    Designed especially for Shimano®’s Dura-Ace® R9100 series, the Quarq DFour91 Power Meter brings Quarq’s next-generation DZero platform to Shimano’s latest groupset. 

    DFour91 embodies 10 years of Quarq advances in power meter technology, plus new features such as dual Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ wireless data transfer, revised circuitry, a new strain gauge design and the Qalvin BLE app. 

    The DFour91 power meter is a bolt-on upgrade, pairing with the 11-speed Dura-Ace R9100 chainrings. If you already have a power meter using the 8-bolt interface, upgrade with the DFour91 spider. 

    Features & Benefits 

    • Bluetooth low energy technology and ANT+ wireless data transfer.
    • AxCad – no cadence magnet required.
    • 10K Temperature Compensation.
    • Battery – CR2032, 200-hour battery life, change without tools.
    • Power Balance.
    • OmniCal – swap chainrings without affecting accuracy.
    • 2-year warranty.
    • IPX7 waterproof rating.
    • Accuracy – within 1.5%, measuring both legs.
    • Free firmware upgrades with the Qalvin app. 

    Essential Details 

    • Designed for Dura-Ace® R9100 chainrings.
    • Only 8-bolt power meter owners can upgrade using the DFour91 Power Meter Spider.


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