Profile Design Aeria T2

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profile design aeria t2 carbon aerobar in gloss black at the sport factory

The Aeria is the most highly-anticipated product of from the press to the pros, the Aeria is making a name for itself.  Designed for aerodynamics, adjustability and better handling with the ability to tune comfort


UCI compliant 3:1, aerodynamic full carbon fiber wing has zero drop from clamp to brake extensions. Combined with a shorter reach, this design translates to better control.


One of the most anticipated triathlon products of 2013 the Aeria has it all!

Lightweight, simple and easy to adjust - this patent pending bracket system simultaneously clamps the extensions while attaching the brackets to the wing. The design has a smaller profile in the wind creating less drag while minimizing corrosion issues from exposed bolts. 


Fine-tune armrest/extension height o get a perfect blend of aerodynamics, power and comfort. Adjustable from 5mm to 75mm in 5mm increments.

  • Construction: High-modulus carbon wing, Forged 6061-T6 AL J4 Brackets, T2+ Carbon Extensions, UD Carbon fiber F25 armrests
  • Width: 42cm (center-to-center)
  • Extension Drop: 0mm
  • Center Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Armrest Width: 155mm-203mm
  • Weight: 663g
  • Color: UD Carbon
Available with T2 or T4 extensions 

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