Meet Our Coaches


The Sport Factory only admits the most passionate and knowledgeable coaches into their associate program, and our objective is to set the standard in endurance sport coaching. In order to meet this standard our coaches must possess the right mix education, experience, professionalism, and interpersonal skills. We train our coaches to use the latest methods and technology, and demend they continue their education once accepted.

To begin the process of selecting a coach we advise you fill out our athlete startup kit.  There is no financial obligation to fill out the startup kit; it simply helps us match you with the best coach.



Matt Russ
HEAD COACH  -  Power Certified, Triathlon, Cycling, Running, Adventure Racing, Strength and Power 

Tracy Russ
GENERAL MANAGER- Swimming, Triathlon, Running, Speed, Agility, and Youth Programs 

Louie Kirchner- Triathlon

Brady Thomas- Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, Strength Conditioning

Kellye Mills- Power Certified, Triathlon, Yoga

Mark MacLachlan- Triathlon

Dawayne Hollins- Personal Training