Osmo Active Hydration For Men

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Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration Drink Mix - 40 Servings

The Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration maximizes fluid absorption, delaying power decline and fatigue, and helps with thermoregulation, metabolism and circulation. It uses a combination of sucrose, glucose and electrolytes, in a specific ratio that has been shown to result in the fastest rate of fluid absorption. This promotes hydration which in turn, boosts power output and endurance, plus reduces gastrointestinal distress and "sloshing" in the stomach. It's made with the highest quality natural ingredients, like organic fruit. Hydration is power. Drink every time you sweat to feel and perform your best. 

  • Based on peer-reviewed science, athlete input and the pioneering work of exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims, an athlete herself
  • Lower concentration of sugars (3.5% rather than the typical 6%-8%), stop residual "slosh" in the stomach from delayed gastric emptying
  • Specific electrolytes maximize fluid absorption, delay fatigue, reduce the rate of core temperature rise and help maintain the water in the blood (plasma volume)
  • Sodium compound doesn't contribute to leaky gut and boosts the overall sodium and potassium content to maximize fluid absorption and help with electrolyte losses through sweat
  • No artificial ingredients or added fillers
  • Use during every workout