Gold Level

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Gold Level

Gold Level Package: For the serious athlete that requires a high level of daily communication, analysis, and adaptability to their training plan. An entire season is outlined in detail, and your program is monitored daily and in depth through the on-line coaching software, as well as personal contact with your coach. Adjustments are made directly as needed. You have unlimited access through email, text, and calls. All aspects of the athlete are considered, from psychological testing to physical limiters, to race tactics and strategy.  This is the most efficient path to athletic success. Start-Up Fee is $250.00 includes one of the following specialty services- single VO2 test, basic bike fit, video analysis, functional threshold power test. and Sport Factory Tri Top. $225.00 per 4 week training block includes Training Peaks premium account and open access to The Sport Factory Performance Center.  More information...

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