Fizik Mistica K:ium Medium Black

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 Fizik Mistica K:ium Medium Black

A stubby, noseless shape allows comfort and pure performance in the aero tuck position required for your fastest triathlon cycling leg. 
The extra long rail – a super light, strong carbon on this model - allows for maximum adjustment fore and aft to promote the perfect aero riding position.

The Mistica’s new channel design enables better weight distribution across sit bones and the new seamless, friction-free nose construction delivers
improved riding comfort, while an extra grippy material provides maximum riding stability.


Shell: Carbon reinforced Nylon
Rail: K:ium
Cover: thermowelded Microtex
Carriage Kit: cage holder, CO2 charge, inflator and tube
Nose: 55 mm with Front Transition Hook
Weight: 205 gr
Integrated Clip System compatible