Enve SES Smart System 6.7 Clincher DT 240 Wheelset

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Enve SES Smart System 6.7 Clincher DT 240 Wheelset

When you combine one of the best aerodynamicists in the world and the premier US carbon manufacturer, you end up with some really fast wheels. Enve SES (Smart Enve System) wheels are the first wheel sets designed with unique front and rear rims designed to provide the most benefit as a system with the frame and rider. It's not just that the front and rear rims are different in both height, width and shape, but they were designed with the bike and rider in mind. The result is an extremely fast and stable wheelset. 

The Enve SES 6.7 Carbon Clincher wheels are designed as a versatile aero wheelset combined with the convenience of clincher tires and tubes. Perfect for windy triathlons or medium mountain to flat road races, the 6.7 uses 60mm front and 70mm rear rims. The Enve 6.7s are renowned for being extremely stable in crosswinds, so you're never fighting the wind like you may be on other brand's medium depth wheels. The Smart Enve System 6.7s also spin up much faster than their weight would suggest, making them great for twisty road courses. Part of that comes from the fantastic bearings of the DT Swiss 240s hubs and the low-drag freehub design.

The brake track was designed to ensure smooth and powerful braking without pulsing. Enve manufacture's it's own brake compound to help with heat dissipation, so the SES 6.7 wheels never lose their braking power. The icing on the cake is Enve's USA made quality and durability which guarantees the wheels for 5 years from the purchase date.

  • 700c Wheelset
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber construction
  • DT Swiss 240 hubs
  • Shimano / SRAM compatible freehub
  • 60mm front rim depth, 70mm rear rim depth
  • Wheel shape optimized to produce a predictable and linear steering response
  • Includes skewers and carbon brake pads
  • Weight: 740g(front), 890g(rear)