Used Bicycles

Why buy a used bike from us?  Like many "certified pre-owned" car dealers we go through each of our consignment bikes in great detail to ensure they are not in any immediate need of repair or parts replacement.  This includes checking the chain stretch and drivetrain, gearing and cassette for excessive wear, cables and housing, tires, as well as inspecting the frame for cracks.  These items must be repaired/replaced before we will list the bike for sale.  Our consignment bikes are still used bikes, but we reject as many bikes as we list.  *PLEASE NOTE: The following items cannot be used in conjunction with any additional discounts, discount codes, or free shipping.

If you would like to submit your bike for consignment sale please visit this link. 

Don't know what size you need?  Our Bio Size system will give you the information you need to determine what bike fits you, and we will credit the $50 sizing fee to your purchase of a consignment bike.

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