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Custom Coaching Services and Pricing


Is your time valuable? If your goal is to make the most productive and efficient use of your limited training time, or to unlock your true performance potential, custom coaching is for you.  At The Sport Factory we take a holistic approach to coaching providing the athlete with a wide variety of resources beyond a training plan.   

No Templates!  Some coaching companies use templates or pre-built training plans. All of our training plans start with a clean sheet of paper and are designed to meet your unique to your needs.  Each level of coaching represents an increase in the amount of interaction, data analysis, and ongoing adaptation and adjustment of your training plan by your coach. All plans are completely custom made to your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle.  All plan levels include a Training Peaks premium membership, free Team SF membership, free member access to our Recovery Lounge and use of The Sport Factory Performance Center.  Meet our coaches.

Our first step is to get some background information on you. Simply click the "let's get started" button under the plan level that best suits your needs.  There is no financial obligation to fill out our start-up kit. 


Collegiate, Team, or Club Plan:  We have worked with a variety of clubs and teams to enhance their memberships and add value.  These include one day training camps, multiple day training camps, season, or event training plans.  We can provide a skills coach or a team coach as needed.    Simply contact us  and we will set up an appointment to discuss your club or teams needs.

Consulting Services:  We are available by the hour for consultation.  With over two decaces of experience and perspective, which includes working with numerous professional athletes, we can help you find the answers you are looking for.  Consultation rate is $75 per hour for the initial consultation and $35 per half hour follow up.  Prior to the consultation he will ask to set an agenda, and for required information and data to review.  Consultations may be conducted by phone or in person.
  Sample agendas include: race day pacing and nutrition stragety, post-race review, season/annual planning and race selection, race tactics, strategy, and mental skills.  Simply contact us and we will set up an appointment.

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