CeramicSpeed BSA MTB Bottom Bracket

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ceramicspeed bsa MTB bottom bracket in black reduces bottom bracket friction


English-threaded bottom brackets are known as BSA; it comes from British Standard Cycle. English threading on MTBs mean a 73mm wide, 34mm inside diameter shell with reverse threading on the drive side. It’s the most common threaded standard employed today. This kit works with 24mm diameter spindle cranks, found on Shimano, FSA, Rotor, among others.

The cups have one of two bearings installed. Standard Bearings have low drag thanks to hardened-steel races and our Ceramic balls. Coated Bearings have those same balls installed on coated, hardened-steel races for longer life and lower mechanical friction.

For MTBs, English threading, thanks to history, is pretty much the one threaded standard. It works great. 24mm spindles easily fit through the shell, allow for large bearings to be employed in the outside cups, rarely creak, and seal up well.

Lots of things that slow bikes down; bearings shouldn’t be among them. CeramicSpeed Standard Bearings typically have frictional drag of 0.3-0.4 watts per set. That’s in the range of a 75% drag reduction compared to standard bottom brackets. The bearings last at least 3x longer than other bearings. Coated have even less drag.

These bearings come packed with LongLife Grease, best for muddy conditions. For less drag and are riding in cleaner environs, you can coat the bearings with either All Round Grease or lowest drag TT and Track Grease, which is best in the clean conditions.

In The Box


  • 2 threaded cups with bearings.
  • 2 dust covers with built-in spacers.
  • Spacer tube.
  • 10mm syringe of LongLife grease.
  • Sticker sheet.