CeramicSpeed 3D Printed SRAM 11sp Pulley Wheels Titanium Coated

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CeramicSpeed 3D Printed SRAM 11sp Pulley Wheels Titanium Coated

The ultimate performance upgrade for SRAM 11-speed rear derailleurs. 3D Printed Hollow Titanium pulley wheels are lighter than our machined titanium pulleys and just as resistant to wear. They’re constructed out of titanium powder and are machined and surface-hardened after printing. 

They run on our Coated-race CeramicSpeed bearings to further increase durability and reduce friction. The hardened-steel races increase corrosion resistance and better deal with imperfect riding environments.

3D printed titanium pulleys are 5-10% lighter than machined titanium pulleys

Titanium pulleys have a three-fold increase in the lifetime of the pulley over aluminum.

The Coated Bearing racers are 75% harder than our simpler hardened-steel races. They last 60% longer than our Standard Bearings. Drag is decreased by over 50% compared to our standard bearings.

Because upper and lower pulleys interact with the drivetrain differently, they are different. are marked as such, and have directional arrows etched on them.

These pulleys are compatible with all SRAM 11-speed rear derailleurs, both mechanical and electronic. You need to save and re-use the spacers that come with SRAM’s stock pulleys.

The kit comes with CeramicSpeed oil in a 10ml dropper bottle. The bearings come with oil in them already. The oil is for servicing them.

In the box

  • 2 x 11-tooth pulley wheels
  • CeramicSpeed bearing oil in 10ml dropper bottle
  • Sticker sheet