CeramicSpeed 3D Printed Campy 11sp Pulley Wheels Titanium Coated

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CeramicSpeed 3D Printed Campy 11sp Pulley Wheels Titanium Coated


3D Printed Hollow Titanium pulley wheels for Campagnolo 11-speed derailleurs are lighter than our machined titanium pulleys and just as resistant to wear. They’re constructed out of titanium powder and are machined and surface-hardened after printing. 


They run on our Coated-race CeramicSpeed Bearings to further increase durability and reduce friction. The coated, hardened-steel races increase corrosion resistance and better deal with imperfect environments.

The weight savings gained by switching from machined titanium is 5-10% per pulley. 

The material benefit is a three-fold increase in the lifetime of the pulley over aluminum.

The Coated Bearings are 75% harder than hardened-steel races. They last 60% longer than our standard bearings. Drag is decreased by over 50% compared to our Standard, hardened-steel, Bearings.

There are different upper and lower pulleys, are marked as such, and have directional arrows etched on them.

These pulleys are compatible with all Campagnolo 11-speed rear derailleurs, both mechanical and electronic. The included spacers work only with Campagnolo 11-speed rear derailleurs.

The kit comes with CeramicSpeed oil in a 10ml dropper bottle. The bearings come with oil in them already. The additional oil is for maintenance.


In the box


  • 2 x 11-tooth pulley wheels
  • 4 x spacers
  • CeramicSpeed bearing oil in 10ml dropper bottle
  • Sticker sheet