Sport Specific Strength and Power Training

img-1846.jpgSport Specific Strength and Power Training.  Every sport requires unique adaptations of strength, strength endurance, and/or power.  Using a general "cross training" program will yield general results.  If you want to fast forward your progress, prevent injury, and build your sport specific training on a more stable platform you need a highly individualized strength training plan.

Coaches Matt and Tracy Russ have over 40 years of combined experience working with athletes up to the professional level.  We can work with you one on one or design a custom program based on your needs that is most productive and safe. Often a few sessions will give you the tools necessary to make the most out of the time you spend in the gym, or design an efficient program you can perform in your own home. We often diagram time economical strength maintenance programs for injury prevention.  While in season this keeps areas that traditionally break down in the athlete "shored up" as they peak for their event.

Post-Rehab Conditioning.  When an athlete is cleared from physical therapy the assumption is to resume a normal level of activity.  However, for an athlete, "normal" can be quite different than the average person.  Coach Matt Russ has over two decades of experience as a Post Rehab Therapist/Athletic Trainer.  He works with all types of athletes coming out of physical therapy, determined to resume their training and get back to a high level of athletic performance as quickly as possible.  Matt bridges the gap between being released from PT and the athletes next event.  

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