Speed, Agility, and Run Coaching


Speed and Agility Private Coaching 

How fast can you get from Point A to Point B?  That's SPEED

The ability to change directions while playing your sport? That's AGILITY

Combine those two, and be able to run fast, stop on a dime and then go another direction?  That's QUICKNESS

To be at the top of your game in sports today, you must have all three. For instance, having speed does no good if you cannot control your ability to stop from going out of bounds, running into an obstacle, or another player.  Most athletes learn skills such as catching and throwing a baseball/softball, hitting a volleyball, driving a golf ball, or shooting a basketball while they practice.  Some coaches incorporate some peripheral conditioning and/or strength training.  However, combining these with speed/agility and quickness is the formula to build the COMPLETE athlete.   By utilizing sport specific training techniques we will focus on balance, power, and explosion movement distinct to your sport.

To achieve optimal results it is important to go to a professional who knows the proper amount of repetition, intensity, rest and progression to reach your goals.  The Sport Factory offers age and sport specific techniques to help any athlete accomplish their goals.


Track and Cross Country

dscf2058.jpgWhen competing on a team each athlete is not afforded the individual attention they may need to take their running to the next level.  We have over two decades of experience working with individuals and small groups of runners from middle school age all the way to the Olympic Trials.  Coach Matt Russ has video'd thousands of runners and has a detailed process for improving performance.  This process takes into account age appropriate training and injury prevention foremost. 

Many of The Sport Factory runners have earned scholarships, progressed to higher level programs, and even gone on to professional competition.  We most often work between seasons to identify and address ways to improve economy, build strength, power and acceleration, and discuss tactics.  Our process includes...
  • Testing  (optional) to establish baseline parameters for improvement
  • Video analysis to identify form and economy limiters
  • Our bi-weekly strength/power/economy sessions to build a stronger platform
  • A custom coaching plan  (optional) that periodizes training and has you positioned properly for the next season

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