Personal Training

For over 20 years The Sport Factory has been helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.  Our personal trainers and coaches have decades of experience and are full time fitness professionals.  Many of our clients have dramatically transformed their health, lifestyle and themselves, by simply desiring to make a change and allowing us to chart a course for them.  Our objective is to make each session challenging, fun, safe, and progressive.

We have a large and diverse facility that is dedicated to one on one, partner, or small group training in a non-intimidating environment.  Our equipment ranges from traditional resistance and cardio machines to a large open space for functional training with BOSU, TRX, VASA, and other methods. 

Looking to be fit over the age of 40?  We are highly experienced working with clients of all ages that may have health or orthopedic conditions.  Programs that are too aggressive may lead to injury or burn out.  We create custom fitness programs tailored to the individuals needs, fitness level, and health considerations.

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