Bicycle Service and Repair


Basic maintenance and Service

Clean/Lube/Adjust                                                         $70

We will meticulously degrease and lube your drivetrain, give your bike a thorough cleaning, apply a protective finish, and adjust shifting and brakes.  Does not include parts or extra service/repairs.

Clean and Lube                                                             $45
       We will meticulously degrease and lube your drivetrain, give your bike a thorough cleaning, and apply a protective finish. 

Basic Tune                                                                   $25
       We will adjust the front and rear derailleurs, brakes, and inspect your bicycle.

Flat Tire Repair                                                             $10

       * Tube of choice not included

Chain Install                                                                 $15

*Chain not included

Cassette Install                                                             $8

Pedal Install                                                                 $8

Speedplay Pedal Service                                                $10
     We will inspect the pedals for wear and inject new grease into the pedals.  Worn bearings can be replaced (additional parts charges apply).

Straighten/Replace Derailleur Hanger                               $12

*Does not include new hanger



Shifting System Adjust                                                  $12

Complete adjsutment of front and rear derailleurs. Includes inspection and lubrication of wires, precision alignment of rear derailleur hanger, lubrication of jockey wheels.
    *Add $20 for new cable and housings.

Complete Re-Cable                                                       $65

Braking System Overhaul (mechanical brakes)                $15

    Adjustment of front & rear brakes.
    Inspection and lubrication of cables, housings.
    Cleaning/surfacing of shoes, rims/rotors.
    New pads installed at no additional labor charge.
    *Add $20 for new cables and housings.

Headset/Steering System Overhaul                                $15

    Cartridge bearings cleaned and re-greased. New cartridge bearings installed no extra labor charge.
    All bearings precision-adjusted.
    Parts thread-treated and torqued to spec.

Crank and Bottom Bracket

Crank Install                                                             $25

    Chain checked for wear and proper length.
    Crank installed to proper torque.

Bottom Bracket/Crank Overhaul                                   $20

    Disassemble, clean, inspect crank and bottom bracket.
    Loose bearings replaced, cartridge bearings cleaned and re-greased, bottom bracket reassembled torqued to spec.
    Crank reassembled and installed to proper torque.

Handlebars and Aerobars

Handlebar Taping (tape not included)                           $12

Handlebar Installation                                               $25

Triathlon/TT Cockpit Installation                                  $25-$45

External cabling $25.  Internal cabling $45

Packing and Shipping

Bicycle Ship and Pack Service                                    $75

When comparison shopping on transporting your bike to your next race you may find it is considerably less expensive to ship your bike to a local shop for assembly via UPS vs. air transport or using a transport service.  We will carefully pack your bicycle for shipping and quote you a rate using our corporate UPS account.  Does not include shipping charges to your destination.

Bicycle Shipping Box                                                $35

Bike Transport Box Rental                                         $75

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