Video Analysis


When a human being is moving quickly it is very hard to observe movement patterns and form. The video camera allows us to slow these movements down and dissect them frame by frame.  We have over two decades experience analyzing endurance athletes up to the professional level.  Fitness will only take an athlete so far; they must address form and economy in order to reach their true potential.

About 6-8 weeks ago, you worked with me for a session on my running form. Great results - I dropped a minute per mile off my 12 mile runs, and held the same pace for a 16 mile run."

Visual feedback is the most preferred kind. By playing a video back for the athlete we can observe, offer feedback, practice, and then correct their movements. We may prescribe drills to work on these economy limiters and then re-shoot the athlete using corrected form. The athlete is sent a copy of the videos with voice over of the analysis, and the videos are retained on file for future observation and comparison.

"I wanted to let you know how much the run analysis has helped just in the short time I have been using better technique.  I did a 5k race a few weeks ago, and set a new PR by almost 2 1/2 minutes.  Went from 23:30 to 21:08.  Looking forward to see what time I can hit in my next race in a few weeks.  Thanks." 

Uses of the process include...

  • Help correct form issues that could lead to over-use injuries. For example, addressing foot strike/turn over rate may greatly reduce impact forces.
  • Video analysis can determine if your equipment is set up or fitted properly, or in the selection of running shoes.  This is especially useful in the bike fitting process.
  • Video analysis can help determine if you have a biomechanical problem, muscle imbalance, or flexibility issue.
  • Video analysis can make you faster and more economical by giving you direct visual feedback on how to produce power or speed more efficiently.
  • Video analysis is applicable to any athlete; especially the beginner that may not be aware of proper form.
  • Economy of movement is a very important but often overlooked aspect of athletic performance that takes an experts eyes to improve.  


$100 initial session, $45 follow up session


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