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bike-fitting-sport-factory.jpgA proper bicycle fitting addresses three key elements- comfort, power, and aerodynamic resistance. Each cyclist requires a unique mix of these elements, and the fit process must be highly interactive in order to achieve optimal results. It is important to fit the bike to the rider, not make the rider conform to an ill fitted bike.  If you are not comfortable, you simply cannot produce power. 

Our comprehensive fit process addresses such biomechanical issues as leg length discrepancies, riding style/experience, muscle imbalances, foot/pedal interface, back and neck pain, numbness in hands and feet, saddle soreness, and rider flexibility. The fit for a beginner or recreational cyclist should be quite different than that of a competitive cyclists.  Acclimation to a new position takes time, and once acclimated a customer may desire a more competitive/"aggressive" or aerodynamic position.  For this reason we charge just $50 for a re-fit on the same bicycle. 


 As a part of our bicycle fitting services, we can incorporate video analysis, spin scan, and Laseralign technology to identify technique/economy issues with your pedal stroke.  

Did you know that up to 80% of your aerodynamic resistance on the bike comes from the rider; not the bike? 60% of this resistance comes from the torso alone. Before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the latest aero equipment make sure your fit is optimized. It is considerably "cheaper" speed!

*customers receive 20% off all parts and accessories with bicycle fitting services.receive 20% off all parts and accessories with fit services.

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