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Zipp 808 Firecrest® Carbon Clincher Rear Wheel

Price: $1,638.00

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The 808 Firecrest is meticulously designed for lightness and aerodynamic efficiency.  Thanks to its ideal center of wheel pressure, the Carbon Clincher handles crosswinds with the poise and stability you'd expect from something with a much shallower rim - making it ideally suited for non-disc-legal courses like Kona.  Its wide rim shape also allows for efficient power transfer, comfort and durability, making it an excellent choice for any terrain or riding style.  All of Zipp's Carbon Clinchers use a heat-resistant resin to prevent spikes in rim temperature and tire pressure, which might otherwise affect your performance.  Superior aero performance, rock-solid handling and the convenience of clinchers make this a must-have for serious triathletes and road racers.
  • New 11 speed compatible
  • Designed for triathlon, time trials, crits, sprints, breakaway artists and flat to semi-hilly courses
  • 82mm deep, 27.5mm wide Firecrest profile is the latest generation in aero shapes
  • Firecrest allows more stability and cleaner airflow as air leaves the back half of the wheel
  • Carbon Bridge on the top of the rim distributes square edge impacts across a Kevlar capstone
  • Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control (dimpled surface ) tames airflow at more wind angles than smooth rims
  • Updated 88 hubs feature canted flanges to decrease stress on spokes and a wider bearing stance for increased stiffness and durability
  • Wheels are built by hand in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Includes black aero stainless skewers
  • Weight: Rear Wheel: 920 grams

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