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Recoverypumps Pneumatic Compression Recovery Session

Price: From $10.00 to $120.00

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We were first exposed to active pneumatic recovery systems while in use at Olympic Training Center.  Compression therapy devices, although effectively in use by the Olympic development athletes, were very expensive and beyond the reach of the average consumer.  Enter RecoveryPump, an FDA approved, medical grade SIPC- Sequential, Intermittent, Pneumatic, Compression device with 4-chambered sleeves.  The sleeves inflate sequentially from the toes to the base of the buttock. RecoveryPump is a highly effective device used to greatly enhance the recovery of endurance athletes. The Boots gently pressure and massage the muscles in sequence to improve circulation and reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue; all while you rest and relax.

 All recovery modalities from ice, to hydrotherapy, massage, compression clothing, and electrical stimulation are attempting to do one thing- move blood.  Increased circulation between workouts removes waste products, decreases inflation, and moves nutrients to repairing muscles.  Many of these recovery modalities are not practical, are cost prohibitive, or simply not as effective as the RecoveryPump system.  It can be used more frequently, even several times daily, speeding the recovery process and allowing better quality workouts and more training volume. 

Sequential compression is an effective therapy where 1-2 Hours
per day will produce results compared to Rest taking 12-48 hours to achieve similar benefit.  Peristaltic Wave-form pumps require several more hours of use to produce equivalent results compared to that of SIPC pumps.

To schedule your 45 min. session please email rentals@sportfactory.com
For sanitary and comfort purposes we ask that you wear long exercise pants and socks while in the Recoverypumps.

Interested in purchasing a RecoveryPump?  Use the discount code "SPORTFACTORY" for $100 off at checkout.

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